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Refund & Return Policies

Before placing your order, carefully read the product information page. We do not accept returns if the right purchase has been delivered to you and the item does not fit as expected. We don’t currently provide exchanges. You’ll need to order a new item. Note: For environmental and human friendly reason, our products are only made when you order it. Typically, our products will be made in about a week, mostly sooner. Therefore we cannot accept returns in general. Having said that, we urge our clients to get in touch with us if there is an issue with the product so we can go over potential compensation. We always remain open to coming up with a solution that benefits both parties since we want to make sure that our clients are satisfied with their purchases. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service and want our clients to feel secure doing business with us.

Damaged items?

If your purchases are flawed and / or faulty, please send an email to support@naughtyadventuresociety.com with the subject line “Damaged and/or defective Item” if you have received one of these items. Included in this mail must be the following:

  • Order number
  • The name on the order
  • Email adresse the order was made with
  • Your request
  • The most crucial thing: A photo showing the items flawed and / or faulty quality or the item’s damaged location.

Cancel an order?

We regretfully cannot accept cancellations once an order has already begun production because every one of our orders is unique and produced specifically for each customer.

The majority of orders start production 20 hours following the purchase. If you want to see if you can cancel your order, send an email to support@naughtyadventuresociety.com with the following information:

  • Your order number
  • Name on the order
  • Email the order was made with, and
  • Your request.

Additional Information

Orders that violate our terms & conditions may be canceled. Orders that we suspect to be fraudulent will be refunded. Please carefully read our terms and conditions. Please carefully review the shipping policy as it specifies up to 30-90 Working Days excluding holidays and weekends. We produce products in the number of business days specified. Consequently, if we get a chargeback within the allotted time, we have the right to start a case.

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